Construction Process

construction1Before Construction

In the eyes of our designer a yard like this represents a blank canvas. Many homeowners are curious how the construction process of their pool will affect their homes and lives. Our step-by-step outline will help our customers know what to expect from beginning to completion.

day-3dThe Design

The first step in the building process is the designing of your custom Aqua Classic pool. Lynn Forrest, our President & Designer, will create your dream pool digitally and present it to you in a 3D consultation, as shown here.

construction2Layout of Your Pool

Site preparation is completed in this step and the layout of your pool is marked by stakes. After being properly measured out to specifications. The stakes will serve as a guide for our excavators to dig.


Once the pool is laid out it is ready to be excavated. We will then bring in heavy equipment to dig the hole. Once the excavation is complete your pool begins to take shape.

construction4Interior Plumbing

After your pool is excavated the interior plumbing is set. Aqua Classic takes great pride in ensuring a hydraulically balanced plumbing system.

construction5Steel Placement

Reinforcing steel rebar is placed to shape the pool. The rebar is used for the gunite to attach to and will strengthen the gunite shell.


When the steel is laid your pool is finally ready to be shot with gunite. Gunite is a mixture of sand, cement and water and is applied directly at the rebar creating a strong bond.

construction7Plumbing for the Equipment Pad

At this stage all the piping is run and the equipment is installed at the equipment pad. Aqua Classic uses high grade schedule 40 PVC to plumb your equipment and water features.

construction8Stone, Coping and Tile Work

Your tile and coping selections are now ready to be placed around the waterline and perimeter of your pool. If any additional features are requested, such as stone work or water features, that step will now take place as well.

plasterInterior Material

There are many different choices on the interior finish of your pool from white plaster to PebbleTec. Once the coping and tile are completed your pool will be ready for your choice of surface material.

day-actualCompleted Decking

After the interior finish is completed in your pool we will then be ready to pour and complete the deck. There are also many options available for decking material including pea gravel and spray deck.


Once all of the construction steps are completed your pool will be filled and the equipment will be started up. After the equipment is up and running we will provide an owner’s instruction orientation explaining all aspects of maintaining and the functioning of your custom Aqua Classic pool.