Aqua Classic has built two pools for us.  We enjoyed working with Lynn on both pool projects.  Lynn went the extra mile to make sure that the construction was right in every detail and to insure that we were happy with the job.  We found that Aqua Classic was not the cheapest pool, but after seeing some of the work done by “cheaper” pool companies, it was well worth the cost.  We have had friends that have seen our pool and told us they wish they had gone with Lynn instead of the contractor that they chose.  If we were to ever build a third pool, there is no question about who would be our builder.

Bill & Debbie Bailey
Lake Jackson, Texas

Aqua Classic built my pool in 2014.  The design and construction experience was first rate from start through finish.  Since then, I have used them exclusively for pool operational needs and continue to be very satisfied.

Lynn Forrest is their President and Chief Designer.  He worked with us personally throughout the process.  He is flexible and creative.  The pool is custom to suit our vision.  There was no “standard template”.

During construction, Lynn was on the job site regularly and during every significant activity.  When Aqua Classic builds a pool, the “head guy” is personally working on the job site and literally “in the hole” with the craftsmen.  His regular team that worked on my pool, Jesse, Steve and Chuck, are all first rate guys.  Their first desire was to make it right; it was a pleasure dealing with them.

MJ runs the store in Clute and has guided me through the pool maintenance routine.  I appreciate that she advises based on what works best rather than what sells the most chemicals.

Mark McBurnett
Lake Jackson, Texas

We shopped for a pool builder for over a year, interviewing friends and neighbors to hopefully make a smart decision.  We were given three solid referrals from reputable businesses and we visited with each one separately to discuss what we wanted in a backyard family entertainment area.  The cement, bricks, lights and water are all pretty equal.  What set Aqua Classic Pools & Spas apart from some really tough competitors was Lynn Forrest and his crew.  Lynn took the time to set our mind at ease about making a big investment in our homestead.  I knew Aqua Classic was the right company when Lynn told us he wouldn’t leave us stranded after the water was in the pool.  I can tell you that three years later, they still come by to check on our equipment and help me keep my investment looking and performing great.  Buy a great pool from a great company and make sure they stand behind their product.  You’ll get that from Aqua Classic Pools & Spas, Inc.

Don Rabalais
Alvin, Texas

A lot of supposed custom contractors listen to what you want, then go ahead and build what they are comfortable building.  If you are looking for a contractor to walk you through custom design then execute that design, then Aqua Classic is the contractor you are looking for.  Follow up and service makes them all the more exceptional.

Doris Stevenson
Freeport, Texas

Aqua Classic Pools did an awesome job for us on our pool.  We were under a time crunch to get the pool finished before my mom’s 90th birthday and Lynn and his crew came through for us.  The service they have provided has been exceptional.  Whenever there is a problem, they are here.  Mary Jane, in the office, is just awesome!  She is always very helpful and knowledgeable.  If we ever build another pool, we would definitely go with Aqua Classic.

Chuck & Karen Azbell
Sweeny, Texas

I am the proud owner of a beautiful Aqua Classic pool.  The design of the pool was first-rate and handwork that went into the construction was impressive.  The pool was finished quickly; we were able to use if for weeks before the weather turned.  The hot tub is used year-round.  Aqua Classic provides flawless maintenance and technical service, as well as technical advice.  Aqua Classic built quality from the ground up.

Louis Dolman
Clute, Texas